Work Hard, Play Harder

We built Platformer to give our community of gamers unlimited lives.

Our agency works exclusively within the video game industry to help individuals and gaming-related companies grow in intelligent and creative ways.

Services: Industry Consulting, Marketing Strategy, Content Development and General Shitposting

Who We Are

Founded by Whitney Meers, Platformer Marketing is the result of many years of years of calloused thumbs, Twitch streams and Sonic memes.

We wanted to give the next generation of gaming superstars and cutting-edge products everthing they need to build successful brands.

Did we mention we’re also badass gamers?



We Missed Leeroy Jenkins Day, But We Thought We Should Celebrate Anyway

On March 11, 2005, a gamer named Leeroy Jenkins made internet history by trolling his guild by impulsively jumping into a raid and screwing everyone else over. Here’s the video: It’s all fake but IDGAF. It’s still funny. Interestingly, the creator of the video released the first take in an effort to support the fight …

Introducing Platformer Marketing: What We Do And Why It Matters

We’re Platformer Marketing, and it’s a pleasure to meet you! As an industry, gaming has grown more popular than ever. Nearly all of us have connections to games. This includes hardcore WoW fans to casual gamers playing Candy Crush on their mobile phones. As the industry continues to grow, we wanted to do something different. We built …