We Missed Leeroy Jenkins Day, But We Thought We Should Celebrate Anyway

Screen cap from Leeroy Jenkins raid.

On March 11, 2005, a gamer named Leeroy Jenkins made internet history by trolling his guild by impulsively jumping into a raid and screwing everyone else over.

Here’s the video:

It’s all fake but IDGAF. It’s still funny.

Interestingly, the creator of the video released the first take in an effort to support the fight for Net Neutrality, an issue I take very seriously.¬† (Did you see the Senate voted to overturn the FCC’s Net Neutrality repeal?)

Leeroy Jenkins Day is officially May 11, but the team here at Rainbow Road was so busy getting our shit together (and playing Fortnite) that we didn’t even notice. To me, it would be like forgetting my mom’s birthday… I feel shitty about it because it means so much to me.

Anyway, I was playing Fortnite the other night with a couple of people I sorta know and a rando. It was down to our squad and we watched as it dropped off to four, three and then two others, sparring for glory.

The rando on our team got verrrry¬†excited and started saying, “I’m going in! I’m going in!” and raced to the other fort, leaving us all behind.

Suddenly, someone on the mic shouts, “LEEEEEEEEEROY JENNNNNNNNKINS!!!!!” as the rando goes in for the kill.

I keep laughing about it so I thought I should share it with you, too.